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The younger version of you...


Its getting closer to that dreaded reunion, and lets face it we all want to look younger than our friends

Or maybe your youngest is getting married and you are hoping that everybody will think that you are the sister and not the mom.

Fear not we have you covered


Because you should be having fun..not pain


Remember the years when you could touch your toes or tie your shoe laces with out making any excruciating noises

When playing with your grandchildren was fun and it did not take you days to recover from the pain.

If pain has become your friend it is now time to UNFRIEND him


Taking you that extra mile..


We have been taught that excersize is good for you, and that you should push yourself to go that extra mile.

We grew up believing- NO PAIN, NO GAIN

but maybe, just maybe there is a better way to ensure that you stay on the road and not next to it.

Be the envy of your friends with Beauti-Col

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Get Moving with Joint- Col

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Improve your Workout with Sports-Col

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How to choose the BEST from the Rest


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I had severe pain in my back, which prevented me from excersizing, after I started using the product i could return to my old training program, and have not stopped. I really believe it made all the difference 

Izaak Coetzee

My neighbour suggested i use Joint-col as I struggled with knee pain, after a week I could already feel the difference, I'm a customer for life

Steve Plier

I'm 65 years old, had severe joint pain and arthiritis, It was suggested to me to use joint-col and I could not believe the difference it made, I can walk comfortably without pain, and enjoy going to the shops again !

Elizabeth JV Rensburg

I used to cycle a lot but due to knee pain I stopped, my wife put me on Joint-col and got back onto my bike within 3 weeks, now I have no more excuses

Mario Sewald