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Two of the major health concerns are osteoarthritis and osteopenia (bone loss), the leading causes of pain and disability. It is today known that Joint Col with Peptan® can help in the prevention of both these age-related conditions.


Bioactive proteins like Sport-col collagen peptides can deliver numerous benefits beyond muscle building. These include improving athletic performance, protecting connective tissues, supporting healthy joints and helping to reduce the risk of injury.
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I had severe pain in my back, which prevented me from excersizing, after I started using the product i could return to my old training program, and have not stopped. I really believe it made all the difference 

Izaak Coetzee

My neighbour suggested i use Joint-col as I struggled with knee pain, after a week I could already feel the difference, I'm a customer for life

Steve Plier

I'm 65 years old, had severe joint pain and arthiritis, It was suggested to me to use joint-col and I could not believe the difference it made, I can walk comfortably without pain, and enjoy going to the shops again !

Elizabeth JV Rensburg

I used to cycle a lot but due to knee pain I stopped, my wife put me on Joint-col and got back onto my bike within 3 weeks, now I have no more excuses

Mario Sewald