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It’s New Year and maybe you like thousands of others have decided that you would like to start going back to the gym, or run on that treadmill, that previously doubled as your closet or used that home gym you got for Christmas.

After formulating your exercise program it’s time to address your nutritional needs, you have heard lost about proteins and every time you walk into a store you almost succumbed to the number of proteins on the market.

What to do? Let’s quickly just look at why you need protein.

By now you know, that most of your body consist of various forms of protein, and if you are the average person out there, you do not get enough protein in your diet to maintain optimal levels for your body to perform at its best. Above all of this you would even want your body to build some much needed muscle, why…. because ladies like muscle.

Unfortunately this is not a protein website there is plenty around that you can read more about the various different proteins and how each of those can help you in different ways to obtain your goals.

I do believe that it is necessary to make various forms of protein part of your diet as each have their own amino acid profiles.

Why SPORTS-COL is so important is that it address not only the muscle building and restoration function after strenuous exercising, but more importantly it also helps with protecting your joints and bone structure.

 This is very important as we put a lot of strain on our bones and joint whether you are body building, running triathlons, the treadmill, or cycling. Although most people don’t feel any form of pain while they are young and thus don’t believe they need it, it will definitely make its appearance as you grow older as the wear and tear on your bones and joints become prevalent.

Although you always hear no pain no gain, I say “A stich in Time, saves nine”

This is how Sports-Col help you reach your goals:

*By Supporting Muscle Restoration

*Aid Muscular Contraction

*Improve Athletic Performance

*Protect Joints and Connective Tissues