Bones and Joints

The reason why you should take collagen peptides for Arthritis.

To have strong bones, we often think of calcium, vitamin D, but we totally forget collagen. Now it is collagen which is very important in the bone weft and which gives it its resistance. A bit like steel rods in reinforced concrete. If collagen runs out, it is all the strength of the bone that is being questioned, and calcium, vitamin D will not suffice.

Is Joint-Col intake effective against osteoarthritis and joint problems in general?

As we have seen, hydrolyzed collagen is the main constituent of the extracellular matrix which maintains resistance and elasticity to connective tissues. Therefore, Joint-Col is essential for soft and resistant tendons, a healthy cartilage, strong bones and therefore young joints, resistant and which regenerate quickly despite the years.

Less collagen means more stiffness, fragility in the articular cartilages, tendons that maintain these joints. If the body struggles to make enough collagen, if the alterations of this or that joint are important, stiffness, pain, rupture, tissue disaggregation, etc. will rapidly appear. Quality of life and physical possibilities will be rapidly degraded.

The use of hydrolysed collagen and / or nutrients for its natural production can greatly improve the pain at first, then restore suppleness and better resistance, and finally, in the long term, regenerate worn and altered cartilages and tissues.

A person of 50 years and more will have to continue the cure several months to optimize the results and specially to allow the body to slowly regenerate the tissue alterations. But an adequate and sufficiently long treatment gives always or almost progressive results.