Collagens effect on rest of the body

All the connective tissues in the body are likely to benefit from the beneficial effects of hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid as essential nutrients and antioxidants.

Thus the lungs and blood vessels are rich in collagen fibers including elastin. The eyes also, especially the lens.

The body has its vital intelligence which makes it preserve above all the essential organs. Thus, a lack of collagen will first be felt on the skin and the joints, the bones before touching the more vital organs that are the lungs and the arteries and veins.

However, in case of alterations of the pulmonary tissues, the arterial and the venous walls, the taking of hydrolyzed collagen can only be beneficial and activate the rapid regeneration of these tissues. Elastin gives so much flexibility and resistance to our lungs, and our veins.

Finally, let us mention the eyes, whose lens is made of collagen fibers, collagen that also supports the eyeball. An additional supply of collagen can benefit a good state of the lens, and relieve the fatigue of the eyeball. With age, collagen is susceptible to alteration and opacification, leading to early cataract. Taking hydrolyzed collagen can be effective especially if it is associated with proper nutrition and specific antioxidants including lutein, carotenoids.