Hello Friends

Innercol Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and our products a bit better.

I would like to start by telling you guys how we started, and trust, that our products will bring as much of a life change, as it did for us as a Family. I have been in the Health and Nutritional business for many years, working for a corporate company where I had to travel around the world, looking for products and partners that we could introduce to the market place.

I have noticed that every year, month and day, my mom suffered more and more from severe Arthritis pain. She was given many different medications, but most of them had their own negative side effects, or only seemed to help in the beginning. The pain began to be so severe that she had to get injections and she could hardly get up from the chair without showing the excruciating pain on her face.


It really hurt me to see her like that, and although she kept on saying it is not that bad, her face told a different story.


I started looking around and doing my own research for alternatives or at least something that could help her without creating other side effects.

I came across a French Company that sold the Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides, and even after hearing all the results they encountered, and seeing the scientific data behind the product, I must be honest, I was still a bit skeptical and so as a concerned daughter would do, I asked them for a sample so I could give it to my mom to try.


After about 3 weeks we could already see changes in her mobility, she could get up without too much fuss, walked around a lot more, even her friends started noticing the difference and before too long she was walking around the block.


Now that to me, was all the scientific data I needed!  Seeing my mom walking the block with a smile on her face was priceless.


Needless to say soon her friends joined the Collagen club and the rest of our family also jumped on board, we all off course had our own reasons.


This gave birth to our Business, and our mission to improve people’s lives

We have come to know, and meet many people whose lives have been changed in different ways by using the Collagen peptides, and I hope, that today we can add you to our list of friends!


Meet my mom, 5 years later and she is still taking her collagen daily without fail.