Skin and ageing

Does Beauti-Col work on wrinkles and the condition of your skin?

Hydrolyzed collagen has proved its nutritional and therapeutic value. Collagen peptides could assist to slows down the harmful effects of premature aging of certain tissues, relieves pain due to alterations of these tissues and the functions they govern, and stimulates and activates tissue regeneration.

The skin is therefore a connective tissue rich in collagen. The cells of the dermis manufacture this supporting collagen frame which makes the skin so supple and resistant, which is also a thermal insulator.

As we have explained, the lower regeneration of collagen, decreased metabolic vitality, altered tissue by accidents, living conditions, UV suns and air pollution for the skin, mean that aging The skin arrives more or less quickly.

Less hydration, less flexibility, increased fragility, and the skin ages faster and faster, losing its shine, and starts to sag.

The hydrolyzed collagen and the hyaluronic acid which contribute to its manufacture are essential to slow and delay the appearance of the signs of aging of the skin, fine lines, structural wrinkles, dryness, sagging, in case of significant weight loss, distended skin ...

According to the diet more or less rich in animal collagen, depending on the general hygiene of life, and exposure to ultraviolet, it will be advantageous to start early with adding hydrolyzed collagen supplement such as Beauti-Col and  anti-oxidants to your anti-aging plan to help delay the inescapable processes of skin aging.

It should also be noted that the collagen hydrolysate has very positive effects on the growth of hair and nails. By stimulation of the chondrocytes in particular. The keratin which constitutes the essential part of the hair has a protein structure very close to the collagen.

Let's not forget a healthy diet, rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins A,E,C, Zinc and selenium, calcium and magnesium, iron and trace elements. And of course, the essential fatty acids omega-3 and -6 from unrefined oils of first pressure cold.