Collagen's Compatibility

Is InnerCol collagen peptides compatible with taking anti-inflammatory drugs? 

It should be noted that medicinal anti-inflammatories relieve the pain momentarily but do not solve the wear and tear of the cartilages. On the contrary, by attacking the digestive processes, by altering the chondrocytes that make the collagen, they can in the long term accentuate the problems and the degradation of the tissues.

However, taking hydrolyzed collagen or nutrients such as Joint-Col or Sports-Col it is totally compatible with taking these medications. But We always recommend that you consult your doctor, before taking it as a precaution.

Also note that there are plant extracts, nutrients with proven anti-inflammatory effects and no side effects. Harpagophytum secondary root extract, concentrated extract of turmeric and pepper, MSM and celadrin, extracts of meadow queen, nettle and horsetail, etc.

These different products combine perfectly with a hydrolyzed collagen cure by slowing the mechanisms of degradation, acidosis, draining the toxins accumulated in the tissues, activating the basic cellular metabolism, protecting the chondrocytes.

For osteoarthritis, arthritis, on any joint, vertebral pain, associate a hydrolyzed collagen complex or nutrients favorable to its natural synthesis and an anti-inflammatory and draining plant-based supplement.