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So what is all the fuss about Beauti-Col? A new way of thinking that if you want to have a beautiful skin from the outside, you actually have to pay more attention to what is going on, on the inside.

The beliefs have shifted that if you use the most expensive creams, or even the most natural skin products it will be the answer to your dry, sagging and now wrinkled skin. Science understands that what gets done on the outside is important, but more so it is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. 

So how does one address this? First we need to understand what causes us to age and that it is not just the mirrors fault.

There are a lot of factors that play a role in the ageing process, the environment, smoking, stress, hormones, and our body’s capabilities to produce collagen. Let’s face it, it is an endless list!

Looking at hormonal aging, it is probably one of the least known or discussed causes of wrinkles, dry, and sagging skin. One needs to understand the impact that estrogen can have on our skin. 

The dreaded menopause causes a loss of elasticity that can cause these changes. As a matter of fact it creates a lot more havoc than just in the face, such as the joints, in the walls of our arteries, almost everywhere in the body. 

And then there is the beloved sun. Exposure to the beautiful sun rays shows significant levels of fragmented damage to the collagen structure in the dermis. These are just a few of the factors that play a roll, so how can we combat all these factors? 



As we previously mentioned, Beauti-Col with collagen is a huge shift in the way we have discovered to naturally combat the ageing process and thus improve our appearance. 

One of the most important component of our skin is collagen which provides the basis for elastin.

Elastin is vital to maintain the skin’s elasticity so that when we laugh and cry and live life to the fullest, it does not show so much on our face. Some people refer to it as life lines. But I’m sure we can do without them as well. 

The first to notice this of course is usually our kids! When that dreaded comment comes, mommies face almost looks like the Grand Canyon. Kids can be so cruel with their honesty!

The fact is as we age our skin becomes thinner and less hydrated and this causes fine lines, wrinkles and those canyons at the front of our foreheads. 

Optimum levels of well-organized collagen fibers can help with a younger-looking, Smooth and firm skin by ensuring the skin retains its elasticity, firmness and moisture-binding capacity. 

And for this you need to help your body either produce more collagen or boost the collagen levels by taking a Collagen supplement. 

This is where Beauti-Col does all the work for you, by helping with the following:

* improving the skin collagen density structure

* your skin will be more hydrated

* your skin will appear smoother and more supple

* and finally counteracting visible signs of aging