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 The Importance Of Collagen Peptides for Bone and Joint Health

Ever heard of Joint-Col? Most of us suffer from some kind of joint or bone related issues, may it be from excessive exercising (not in my case), previous injuries, fractures or even dare I say old age.

If you are lucky enough to escape all of the above, I'm very sure you know somebody that are struggling, maybe your parents, neighbor, uncle or grandmamma. So how can we deal with this painful debilitating disease, well lets address the below points:

First lets understand collagen

Why is collagen peptides so important for bone and joint health

How to choose the right collagen peptide

So what is this Collagen that we hear so much about?

In very simple terms it is glue! A huge portion of our bodies consist of some form of protein, our organs, DNA, blood, hormones, bones need I say more.

Collagen is a form of protein, it is classified as both a Functional (which is essential for life) and a structural protein, which means it helps with the integrity of the structure of the body. 

All these various forms of protein in your body have their own unique form of amino acids, which is also called the building blocks or in today’s terms Legos. 

Collagen Peptides have its own unique amino acid profile which makes it so special when it comes to helping with joint and bone related issues. Unfortunately these are also the tissues we used most and thus it is subject to wear and tear. As we age the repair of these tissues slows down and we could start experiencing pain and discomfort

 Each year about 15% of bone mass gets replaced, if we get to a state where we lose more bones mass that formation of new bone mass we end up losing bone density. Collagen makes up about 90% of this bone mass and provides the basis on which Hydroxyapatite is formed. Hydroxyapatite consist of calcium and other minerals.

Research has also shown that if you take 8-10grs of Collagen peptides it will maintain theses Collagen levels and thus help preserve bone health and bone flexibility. 

Why is collagen peptides so important for bone and joint 

You can think of bones with enough collagen as strong and elastic some people even say it is as strong as steel.

But then again bones that don’t have enough collagen breaks easily as they are dry and brittle. 

Collagen makes up to 95% of joint cartilage so it is only logically to say that the more collagen you have in your joints, the less chance is there for the development of osteoarthritis. It has been proven that Collagen peptides can help make more collagen. Scientific evidence have shown that collagen peptides (Type1) promotes healthy joints and support connective tissues 

In short, We need a way of speeding up collagen production, to help repair collagen structures in a safe (and preferably natural) way and this is where JOINT-COL comes in.      

 So What will Joint-Col help you with:

* Address the actual problem and not just the symptoms

* Support Joint and Bone strength

* Stimulate Bone forming cells

* Maintain Bone mineral Density

Why would you want to wait to feel better, You can START RIGHT NOW